Is Executive Coaching For You?

Is Executive Coaching For You?

Occasionally, physicians and other providers are disciplined by employers for problematic or “disruptive” behavior. As an example, a physician may be disciplined for using a condescending tone with nurses or for harassment through physical acts or verbal statements. Typically, the employer will require that the provider see a psychiatrist or psychologist and ask for proof of treatment in the form of a report. These reports can be detrimental to the physician for credentialing and other reasons.

Sometimes physicians or other providers feel that they do not “fit in” with their workplace cultures or their employers feel that they do not work well with others.  Management positions can be an adjustment for providers who are not used to management and business issues.


What can physicians and other providers do? A solution may be executive coaching. 

What is executive coaching? 

Executive coaching is an equal partnership where a trained coach provides structure and guidance to help an individual find their own solutions rather than prescribing solutions. While coaches help address specific issues, their main role is to help their clients realize goals and maximize performance. Executive coaching is not just a reactive solution when issues arise, but it can also help prevent future incidents, such as harassment. Executive coaching is not clinical and it does not provide psychological or psychiatric advice. 


While the relationship between a coach and a client is confidential, it not legally privileged the same way as attorney-client privilege. Nevertheless, coaching is a positive remedy for addressing problematic or “disruptive” behavior.

Coaching can be beneficial for physicians and/or practitioners who seek to improve their interactions with others within healthcare organizations. In addition, physicians and/or practitioners who are disciplined for disruptive behavior can benefit from coaching by working through issues and strategizing action plans to change their behaviors as an alternative to seeing a psychiatrist and creating a medical record of the encounters.


For further information, see our Resources page with links to information about two executive coaches, Paul Skiem and Maureen McGurl.  


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